These SuperCool Space Helmet Face Masks Are Ruling the Internet

This Cool Space helmet Is Going To protect the spread Of coronavirus.

Micro Climate just Unleashed it Space Helmet Mask.

This Product isn’t Available In India, This SpaceMask is Manufatures In USA & the company begins its Shipment In Mid-October, Prebooking now Open Click here

The AIR Is First Series Of Product From Micro Climate And Is setting records on the Internet.

Most Of the Peoples Are quite worried that this Closed Spacemask will Become foggy overtime, But The Product Designers And Enginners  designed AIR filters both inlet air and outlet air through HEPA filters, These 2 Are These 2 Filters Are In Front And back of the Fan Providing Complete Flow of Air Through Mask.

The Visor is Advanced Acrylic visor Designed by AIR , User can wear Glasses And Other Acessories.

The Fabric used Around its neck area and Semi Head area is Detatachable and completely wahsable, Air Worked on users Reliability and Reusability of This Mask.


Key Features-

6ft USB-C cable included for charging

4+ hrs of battery life (can be used while charging via USB-C cable)

♦ Works well with airpods or Any  Other Wireless Device.

♦ Microfiber Cloth for Cleaning

♦ Two size cushion liners included

♦ Carrying Case

Pricing Of This Product is Set At 199$ Which is nearly 14,648.42  INR.

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