Samsung Electronics will produce all of Qualcomm’s Chips In Future

In the rush of producing Application Processor Chipset Samsung is going to take the Lead Now.
 As Per Recent News Samsung just won a contract to produce Qualcomm’s latest application processor (AP). 
The Processor is specifically SD875, we are now going to have More fast phones at affordable pricing.

Samsung sets to launch these Chipsets in December 2020. Some Of the high-end Phones in china Like the
 Samsung galaxy s series and flagships Of Xiaomi and oppo will be powered by the new Qualcomm 5G AP Chipset.

Samsung won for the first time for the entire volume of flagship Qualcomm processors .
 1 Billion USD Is the near amount Of the Contract. Samsung recently started the limited production of SD845 
Chipsets Using EUV in the production line.

Demand Of more and more 5g and Ai chips and new Manufacturers are emerging In the market, working day and night for the rapid growth of tech. As More and More are approaching them the bigger contracts are felling Into the hands of companies like Nvidia, AMD, and many more, these are growing markets for them.

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