Robots Stacking Shelves, Taking Over Jobs in Japanese Stores

As Artificial Intelligence And Technology Are upgrading day by Day, A lot Of People Have Already lost jobs Due to Automation And Robots Doing their Jobs For Them More Efficiently And with less maintenance Cost. We All Might Think Of A Day This will happen in India Too, Similar Example Of This thing Can be seen these Days In Japan.


Telexistence Is Super Famous For Making Most Intelligent & Controllable Robots In Japan.

Labor Shortage Is the Major Cause For Testing Out these things In Japan. A lot Of Japanese Stores tried This Approach

Family Mart In Japan partnered with robotics company Telexistence And Created Model T. The Robot Can be Controlled by Vr Headset And a manual Operator Remotely


Model-T Is Capable of Doing different Variety of Motion, Enough For Pushing, Pulling And Moving Objects .

The Ping between The Operator and The Robot is Just 50 Millisecond, This Difference Makes this Robot even faster and Efficient.

Daily Mall released that this bot is saving a lot of their(Family mall) labor hours. Family Mall Also said that they Are planning to make their stores More Robot Compatible After Testing Out This Robot.

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The Ping between The Operator and The Robot is Just

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