Are you Ready to pay Hefty price- Nvidia RTX 3090 Prices From Gigabyte And EVGA Are out

As Nvidia announced it’s New 3000 Series Of graphics card manufacturers around the world like is going to provide us with different versions of the same model Versions of the GeForce RTX 3090 have been listed from EVGA and Gigabyte These Take Over Nvidias Founder edition RTX 3090. The Advantage of buying these is * 10,496 CUDA cores * 24GB of GDDR6X * Tripple Fan chassis while Nvidia’s Founder Edition Have a lesser number Of fans And modifications.

The Nvidia 3000 series not only delivers power it also delivers a Lot Of Performance to the system in which you are using this beast On. The Nvidia RTX 3070 will give more power than an RTX 2080Ti at almost half the price of it, so you can expect about 3090.

As On Launch event Of 3000, Series Nvidia Provided us with prices Of Founder edition of Rtx 3090 to be around $1499, But these third-party GPUs are even more costly, Gigabyte added more 100-150 $ For Different versions of RTX
Gigabyte Listed this for $1,549. So you must expect that Its gonna be heavy on your pocket

On the Other hand, if we talk about Evga They are not Dependent On Air cooling like Gigabyte, so that will make Evga more worthy. Evga Is providing 3090 with liquid cooling And A radiator.
The EVGA GeForce RTX 3090 Kingpin Comes with Twin Fan Radiator And liquid cooling. As the pricing of this GPU Is still not revealed by Evga but you should expect a couple of more bucks to spend On.

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